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Specialised services

We have the resources and knowledge to successfully deal with your import and export formalities.

Tailor-made solutions

We design and offer solutions adapted to your company to ensure maximum benefit with minimum risk.

Personalised service

We take care of every little detail for all our clients with the aim of strengthening our B2C relationships, which are built on mutual trust and satisfactory outcomes.

Professional services


We pride ourselves on offering our clients a comprehensive, professional, first-class service tailored to their needs.

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“At PAREDES we're extremely satisfied with the services provided by Illice Universal, and particularly the personal relationship with contact almost every day. They always solve our problems not only quickly but also efficiently, which contributes to the smooth running of our business.”

Rafael Paredes
Rafael Paredes

CEO Comercial Química del Caucho

“No doubt, Illice Universal is a reliable partner. They've provided our organisation with their services for a long time, and we highly value how efficiently they've dealt with our import and export logistics operations. That's why they've been selected as an exclusive supplier for our company.”

Francisco Rius
Francisco Rius

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Arluy Paredes Quiles Suminisrtos para la construcción Star Exclusivas Naturclex La Balanza
Verona Velfoods Martínez y Cantó Comercial Química de Caucho Irene Medias Vitarpress KFT